Haiti Relief Efforts

Tuesday’s horrible earthquake in Haiti and its tragic impact affected the entire country. Amidst all the fundraising efforts, I want to tip my hat to the American Red Cross for its immediate, innovative and creative communications strategy on the situation in Haiti.

Here’s how the Red Cross’ stellar communication innovation is boosting the impact of disaster communications:

  1. Pushing out the latest from Haiti via the Disaster Online Newsroom, a blog that makes it easy for Red Cross staff to share information with the world
  2. Producing almost-real-time, short-form, easy-to-absorb video updates faced by the relief effort. This video was “on the air” (via the blog) five hours after the earthquake struck.
  3. Sharing the Red Cross’ relief strategy as it evolves (via the video). The weak infrastructure in Haiti has resulted in the collapse of many entries into the damaged entries. The Red Cross outlines its preparation in surrounding countries for entering Haiti today.
  4. Making it incredibly easy to give via mobile phone.Text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to American Red Cross relief for Haiti.
  5. Mobilizing social media tools to spur awareness, giving and conversation in multiple communities. You can follow the Red Cross’ Haitian relief news via Twitter(@RedCross), the org blog and Facebook.

Overall, the Red Cross is doing a great job in utilizing a broad range of communications channels and capitalizing on each one’s strengths.

Further, another fundraising model worth noting is Chicago-based design company, Uncommon. They’re currently selling a special collection of Haiti relief iPhone cases (pictured above) for $40 with all proceeds going to the Red Cross.

I also came across this list of Haitian Community Centers of New York Metropolitan Area

Finally, here is a link to immediate online contribution sites.

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